26 October 2003

Iraq Survey Fails to Find Nuclear Threat

No evidence mattered more to the nuclear debate than Iraq's attempt to buy aluminum tubes overseas. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, among many others, scorned the Baghdad government's explanation that it sought the tubes as artillery rocket casings. By August, news accounts made clear that the U.S. government's top nuclear centrifuge experts dissented strongly from the claim that the tubes were meant for uranium enrichment.

Meekin, whose remarks were supported by other investigators who said they feared the consequences of being quoted by name, is the first to describe the results of postwar analysis.

'They were rockets,' said Meekin, 48, director general of scientific and technical assessment for Australia's Defence Intelligence Organisation, speaking by satellite telephone from Baghdad. 'The tubes were used for rockets.'

A U.S. government official, who was unwilling to be identified by name or agency, said Meekin is not qualified to make that judgment. The official did not elaborate. Kay's interim report this month said the question remains open.

Does Anon have any evidence to support his claim? Is he saying Brigadier Steve Meekin is a bad officer or a bad investigator? Is Anon, in fact saying anything at all that could lead us to accept his claim? Or is this just another example of Bush people editing the facts to support their own claims?

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