23 August 2005

ABC calls a spade a pick axe

DFAT defends efforts to help Aussie jailed in Fiji. 23/08/2005. ABC News Online
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is rejecting claims it is doing nothing to help a man from Warrnambool, in Victoria, being held in Fiji on gay sex crimes.

Thomas McCusker is serving two years for charges relating to homosexual acts, after he had a relationship with a Fijian man whilst holidaying in the country.

Under Fijian law, sex between two men is illegal.

I would have thought it's quite a long way from consenting sex to the schlock horror phrase 'gay sex crimes'. Almost as far, in fact, as the treatment of Schappelle Corby who is charged with acts that actually are crimes under Australian law, as pposed to McCusker, who would be innoncent under Australian law.

As a passionae promoter of good governance in the Pacific, Jhn Howard could be expected to passinately promote observance of Section 38 of the Fiji Constution:

(2) A person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the ground of his or her:
(a) actual or supposed personal characteristics or circumstances, including race, ethnic origin, colour, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, birth, primary language, economic status, age or disability; or