31 October 2003

HRW Weekly Digest: October 23, 2003 - October 30, 2003

In this issue:

  • Turkey: Acceleration of Reforms Needed Now for EU Bid
  • China's Epidemic of Secrecy
  • Saudi Arabia: Arrest of Protesters Belies Reform Pledges
  • Afghanistan: Death Threats Imperil Constitutional Drafting Process
  • Malaysia: New PM Should End Mahathir-Era Abuses
  • Nepal/Bhutan: Bilateral Talks Fail to Solve Refugee Crisis
  • Venezuela: Official Press Agency Distorts Human Rights Watch's Position
  • Russia: Pretrial Detention Excessive in Espionage Case
    Russia's "Spy Mania"
  • D.R. Congo: U.N. Must Address Corporate Role in War
  • Zimbabwe: Food Used as Political Weapon
  • Iran: Detained Professor Should Be Freed

One of the blogosphere's sillier cacomemes is that Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other human rights NGOs focus exclusively or preponderantly on the US and its allies. I thought it would be worthwhile to run a little comparison on which countries do get critiqued.

Rather than start an argument about which nations are or are not US allies, just read the list and decide for yourself.

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