28 October 2003

Big stakes for lab to build battle laser

The general then strode into a convention room and told 640 top U.S. directed-energy experts that Livermore's laser -- today, a profusion of wires, crystals and diodes on a tabletop -- was ready to be shoehorned into a Humvee and prove its mettle as a tactical weapon.

'We are no longer technology-limited. We are resource-limited,' Urias said by phoneFriday. 'I think we should charge on.'

If he gets the money for Livermore and its team of defense contractors, the general suggested, the Army would get a prototype weapon that could open the military's imagination to what mobile lasers can do on the battlefield.

'I am convinced personally that the technology is evolving fast enough that we can do this,' he said.

Yikes! Maybe Patrick is right...

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