16 August 2003

Sydney Morning Herald | A disgrace of the old school:
And yes, we know just how grateful Dick Honan is for the Prime Minister's 'support for ethanol, and biofuels generally'. Why we know is because Labor's Kerry O'Brien, Simon Crean's primary industries spokesman, asked this year, under freedom of information, for all documents relating to the ethanol subsidy decision. After waiting five months, O'Brien got copies of 70 documents in dribs and drabs, a number heavily censored. Included was the following self-serving letter from Honan to Howard.

If the FOI request took 5 months and Labor accepted a donation from Honan 2 months ago then the opposition was accepting donations from a company they suspected of shonky dealings. That probably speaks to incompetence, rather than corruption but it will probably enable Howard to fight another day. When will the opposition get serious?

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