16 August 2003

The Sesquipedalian | Squirrels :
I'm convinced (in a fair and balanced way, mind you) that the continuing blackout in the American Northeast and Canada was actually caused by a squirrel in the transformer. You people that live out on the rural routes will know what I mean.

In fact, we should launch an immediate investigation into squirrel terrorism, focusing on groups like Squir El Islamia, the Al Aqsa Squirrel Brigades and others. A blackout this large could only have been caused by hundreds, maybe thousands of squirrels sacrificing their own lives in concert to bring down the Northeast power grid!

I myself personally am frequently accused of being either sesquipedalian or pleonastic so I view this blog's title with a high degree of both satisfaction and approbation. But I digress.

I guess the question all ordinary Australians want to know is when will the man of steel do something about the squirrel threat? Doesn't he know we care about hoarder protection?

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