19 May 2004

Wiranto complains of smear campaign

Wiranto also alleged action by UN-funded prosecutors in East Timor was intended to smear his reputation.

'It's true, everything is by design. I know who visited Dili before the issuance of the arrest warrant,' he said, without elaborating on which Indonesian officials allegedly made the trip.

While the arrest warrant was issued on May 10, Wiranto has been indicted in East Timor since February 2003, before he became a presidential candidate.

Indonesia has said it does not recognise the East Timor warrant which says Wiranto bears command responsibility for murder and other crimes carried out by Indonesian forces in East Timor in 1999.

At least 1,400 people were murdered before and after East Timorese voted in August of that year for independence.

Wiranto has insisted he did his best to prevent the violence.

No doubt it was just a few of TNI's bad apples...

Sadly for that theory Wiranto consistently denied that any violence was happening in East Timor at all until the UN temporary administration reported the overwhelming evidence of genocide.

Just as another military chief, in recent days, denied any evidence of prisoner abuse until certain images were published and then shifted gear to denying any command responsibility.

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