7 April 2004

Chemical attack on London foiled

A sophisticated al-Qaeda plot to launch a deadly chemical attack on central London was revealed by United States intelligence agents yesterday, as a 17-year-old boy faced separate terror charges of conspiring to cause a major explosion on UK soil.

It is understood that the foiled attack, details of which are believed to have been leaked by the CIA and were revealed on the US news network ABC, would have involved the use of osmium tetroxide, a chemical agent that produces deadly fumes that 'drown' victims by choking them.

The plot to use chemical weapons in central London was discovered by surveillance experts based at GCHQ, the British intelligence service's electronic listening centre at Cheltenham, who are said to have alerted Scotland Yard after hearing the chemical mentioned during routine monitoring of UK-based suspects.

Gee, they managed to stop a terrorist attack by good intelligence and police work? Shouldn't they have invaded Mexico or somehting?

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