12 November 2003

Saudi blasts: More than meets the eye

It is similarly difficult to accept at present that the car bomb which killed the foreign Sunni workers at the Riyadh housing complex was designed to deliberately kill them. A more convincing explanation is that the real targets were - either the members of the Saudi ruling families or foreign diplomats and their families - elsewhere. There is reason to believe that the car bomb fitted with the explosives was being taken to the housing complex to be kept there before being taken to the real target. The explosion seems to have been caused by accident or by the interception of the vehicle by the security guards at the complex.

There is no doubt that since February last, there has been an intensification in the activities of jihadi terrorists in Saudi Arabia - partly to destabilize the kingdom and partly to set up a rear base there for organizing jihad against the US troops in Iraq. Al-Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) have been in the forefront of these activities. There have been unconfirmed reports that Osama bin Laden is no longer in Pakistan or Afghanistan, and that he might have moved to Yemen or Saudi Arabia to coordinate the jihad against the US troops in Iraq.

For some years now, the LET has had an active presence in Saudi Arabia, which has not been neutralized by the Saudi authorities. There is a growing threat to the stability of the kingdom. The LET and al-Qaeda want to capture power in Saudi Arabia, proclaim the establishment of a caliphate there with bin Laden as the amir and use Saudi Arabia as the rear base for the jihad against the crusaders and the Jewish people.

If they succeed, it is likely to aggravate the already existing threats to the peace and security of the region from the jihadi terrorists and affect energy security.

I know Raman is not trying to defend the jihadis but it it's still necessary to make the point that if you're running a terrorist attack and you kill the wrong people, your unintended victims are still dead.

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