13 November 2003

Howard attacks trade restrictions

Speaking to Australian and British business leaders at an investment breakfast in London overnight, John Howard said Australia's already strong trading performance would be significantly improved if the EU was forced to lower tariffs.

Mr Howard said Australia's trading relationship with Britain was growing strongly despite the 'unacceptably restrictive practices of the European Union'.

'Just think what we could achieve if the mandarins of Brussels had a more accommodating view,' he said.

Mr Howard said the US was in the best position to apply pressure on the EU. However, the recent failure of the World Trade Organisation talks in Cancun to make any ground on the issue did not give him any confidence that a breakthrough was imminent.

I'm confused. The US is on the edge of a trade war with the EU. Perhaps the Ever-Victorious Prime Minister believes that Bush will abandon his steel tariffs in return for the EU lowering its agricultural protection?

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