14 November 2003

Australians in Iraq

Australia has about 800 personnel, 260 of them in Baghdad.

At Baghdad International Airport, there are 14 air traffic controllers and 48 support staff.

The latest rotation of airport personnel arrived in August and is due to leave in January.

A security detachment of 70 provides security for Australian diplomats in central Baghdad.

About 15 analysts and technical experts are involved with the Iraq Survey Group -- looking for weapons of mass destruction.

Australia also has about 270 personnel aboard HMAS Newcastle, and 280 personnel flying, maintaining and supplying four aircraft.

It's worthwhile keeping track of how many Australians are still in Iraq after the withdrawal announced by the prime minister. It's also interesting that we have 15 analysts and technical people involved with the ISG but our senior analyst and technical person in the country is not involved with the ISG.

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