3 October 2003

Kay: Little evidence of Iraq weapons

DAVID KAY, who is leading the CIA team searching for the weapons, told reporters after testifying before lawmakers in closed-door meetings that his team had found 'substantial evidence of an intention ... at a future point in time' to produce chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

But Kay said 'we can say at this point in time we know most of what we're going to know about the program, and we have not found, at this point, actual weapons. Believe me, we're working as hard as we can,' he said. 'We have a lot more work to do before we can conclude that we're at the end of the road instead of at the beginning. ...

'Surprises do happen.'

Kay appeared to go further in his secret testimony to Congress. A congressional staff member who heard Kay's presentation told NBC News that Kay testified not only that his team had found no banned weapons, but that the evidence found so far did not point to the existence of large stockpiles of weapons at all.

Kay stressed that his inspection team was not lacking for leads, which he said were being aggressively pursued. But evidence is emerging slowly, and he encouraged lawmakers to be patient, the aide said.

I seem to recall US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld announcing that he knew the location of the weapons. I seem to recall remarks in the last few weeks by Howard, Downer, Blair and Straw that we would see something in this report. We have. It's called duplicity by those same men when they argued in favour of war.

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