2 October 2003

The Green Man: Art - Ethics - Culture - Science

Attempts to repatriate the live sheep stuck on a ship somewhere in the Arabian Sea have come unstuck. Allegations have been made that some of the sheep have thrown their lambs overboard.

'We don't want that sort of sheep in Australia' said an outraged John Howard.

What's more, rumors are spreading that some middle eastern terrorist sheep have infiltrated the flock.

'Scare mongering on border security served the Liberal Party at the last election and it will form an important part of the strategic approach we will be taking at the next election. Just let those namby pambies in the Labor Party try and win when we have fear on our side.' he went on to say.

I'm appalled at The Green man's suggestion that the Man of Steel would attempt to fleece the electorate by pulling the wool over our eyes yet again.

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