11 May 2003

writer's blog
What's so damn seductive about bloggery? When I'm not casting pearls of wisdom into the blogosphere I've been known to write the occasional poem, an almost-finished novel, etc etc. I've even been known to deal with writer's block by dashing off a fanfic story here and there. For some reason I've spent the last few days blocked on one writing issue and instead of getting anything on paper (quaint white stuff you make marks on) I keep on thinking of stuff to post about here.

Fanfic is attractive because the feedback is instantaneous. No more sweating over verse forms at 2 am in the morning wondering if you'll ever get read. I suspect the same thing drives blogitis.

I guess I could ask people to stop reading me here until I get more done there, but then I'm about as likely to do that as Howard is to name Mike Carlton governor-general.

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