13 May 2003

Coalition forces arrest Magneto
Okay, they didn't really. Well not yet. When 'Mrs Anthrax' was arrested a few days ago a number of people blogged that the nom de guerre was a recent invention of the media.

Now we have the arrest of Dr Germ. Step through a Google news search and you'll find that the phrase 'Dr Germ' was first used on 29 April. Somehow no-one ever calls Bush the Illusionist or Mr Chad. I know the media want exciting catchy titles for all these people but do they really need to make the human catastrophe of war palatable by making it read like a comic book?

Now I had to go hunting today because people have been using jump the shark a bit lately and 1. I didn't know what it meant and 2. I felt left out because I couldn't use it. It strikes me that comic booking these previously unknown Iraqis as Mrs Anthrax and Dr Germ gives the impression that 1. the new coinage is of long standing and 2 their crimes are so well-established as to be beyond question.

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