19 May 2005

to galloway

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'To be accused of a lack of moral character by Senator Norm Coleman is a bit like being told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame.' — George Galloway, just now on Hardball

Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington
Then the Brit turned the tables on Coleman and steered the committee's attention toward 'the real Oil for Food scandal.'

'Have a look at the fourteen months you were in charge of Baghdad, the first fourteen months when $8.8 billion of Iraq's wealth went missing on your watch. Have a look at Halliburton and other American corporations that stole not only Iraq's money but the money of the American taxpayer,' Galloway said.

'Have a look at the oil that you didn't even meter, that you were shipping out of the country and selling, the proceeds of which went who knows where. Have a look at the $800 million you gave to American military commanders to hand out around the country without even counting it or weighing it. Have a look at the real scandal breaking in the newspapers today, revealed in the earlier testimony in this committee. That the biggest sanctions busters were not me or Russian politicians or French politicians. The real sanctions busters were your own companies with the connivance of your own Government.'

I think we have another Iraq War verb and I'm sure, after this, the undistinguished senator from Mnnsota would much prefer to have been merely fisked, not gallowayed.

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