15 May 2005

reviving the once and future mammal

Researchers revive plan to clone the Tassie tiger
The audacious plan to bring the Tasmanian tiger back from the dead through cloning is to be revived by a coalition of academics.

Three months after the Australian Museum said it was shelving plans to clone the tiger - or thylacine - the University of NSW's Dean of Science Mike Archer said the work was being picked up by a group of interested universities and a research institute.

Professor Archer, a former director of the museum, said researchers from NSW and Victoria were likely to take part in the program, which involves recovering DNA from preserved tiger tissue to breed a living specimen.

The University of NSW was likely to take part and the museum would be asked to co-operate.

The on again off again cloning story just seems to keep coming back. Mean while, hopeful souls continue to stagger through the wilds of Tasmanaia hoping for that one flash of stripes in the night.

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