14 April 2004

2001 FBI Memo Warned Of Bin Laden Aviation Cadre

APRIL 12--Two months before the September 11 attacks, FBI agent Kenneth Williams sent the below memo to bureau brass in Washington and New York warning that a cadre of Osama bin Laden disciples might be training at U.S. flight schools in preparation for future 'terror activity against civil aviation targets.' Williams suggested a nationwide FBI review to determine whether such a 'coordinated effort' could be seen in other localities. The Williams memo was roundly ignored, of course, until after the World Trade Center was leveled. (8 pages)

All this does not amount to a conspiracy. I do not even think that the FBI was told to leave the Saudi dynastic allies of the Bush family alone. I do think there's a pattern of ignoring uncomfortable facts and until 11 September 2001 terrorism was an uncomfortable fact that interfered with the drive on issues like missile defence and Iraq.

We were told the PDB contained only historical information. We now know that is untrue. We were told no-one could imagine the use of weaponised planes. We now know that is untrue. We are told no-one could connect the dots to fire the silver bullet. It is fast becoming obvious that is also untrue. Certainly the Busheviks could not connect the dots, but that is a different porposition.

It would also be interesting to know what is in the rest of the 6 August PDB. The page numbers have been blacked out and Die Zeit reported the PDb as being 11 and half pages on 1 October 2001. What we have is damning enough, and it's clear that the Buh administration frequently uses the classification system to cover it's arse. What a pity they rarely use it to cover anyone else's arse, like the people who died on 11 September.

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