24 January 2004

Vowel wars heat up

The defense minister of Mvpxilrzv issued a strongly worded statement today after Mvpxilrzvn police arrested Archbishop Vlnitrpqn (The Valiant) of Svpxilrzv yesterday.

Saying that Archbishop Vlnitrpqn was in the country trying to steal its vowel, Defense Minister Mkil (The Archangel) Bviltnkpz said, "We will not have our national treasure stolen by these barbarians."

Conflict between the two countries over the vowel dates back millennia. Mvpxilrzv and Svpxilrzv were particularly hard hit by the Polynesian vowel raids that left much of Eastern Europe and Russia vowel-impoverished and the South Pacific flush with the sounds. By the time the raiders had left their area, Mvpxilrzv and Svpxilrzv had one vowel between them. For centuries, the Kingdom of Svpxilrzv held the vowel, and thus the key to the two countries' common culture, in an underground chapel deep in the Dvpxilrzv Mountains.

I dn't knw wht t mk f this...

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