22 January 2004

Bush leaves no bride behind

Signaling that the Pander Countdown to Election Day 2004 has begun in earnest, President Bush spiced up Tuesday's State of the Union speech by tossing a bone, if not a garter belt and a Bible, to his conservative base, which is up in arms over the thought that gay people may soon have the right to legally tie and untie the knot -- and thus make a mockery of the sacred institution that Britney and Jason are such big fans of. He did this by tiptoeing up to the edge of saying 'I do' to supporting a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the exclusive province of heterosexual couples.

'Our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage,' he declared to ringing applause from Tom DeLay and the 'Amen' chorus on the right.

The Bush speech must be deeply worrying to the government of Canada which allows samesex marriage. They should beef up their border defences immediately and prove to the UN that they are not engaged in marriages of mass same-sex related programme activities.

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