31 January 2004

Staff Overboard

Now there's nothing wrong with that except that Mr Latham in trying to explain away the leak has said: 'Oh look, these earlier drafts were the enthusiastic work of my staff. In a separate parallel exercise I was handwriting the whole lot which I delivered.' Well, if he was hand writing the whole lot, why was he bothering to correct drafts? This man has a dangerous tendency when something goes wrong that embarrasses him to blame his staff. Some poor staffer got the blame for putting that American flag in the Labor Party room. I think this is a dangerous tendency on his behalf.

I really think John Howard might find that blaming Latham for blaming his staff turns out to be dangerous waters. The kind of dangerous waters that children get thrown in. Or not.

This is almost as rich as Costello condemning the re-election of third term governments with large majorities.

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