26 January 2004

Latham plans review of 'better parenting' measures

Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham says a Labor government would look at various measures if parents fail to properly supervise their children.

Mr Latham, speaking at a citizenship ceremony in his electorate in Sydney's south-west this morning, said Labor would make a commitment to expand a Western Australian scheme.

He says measures such as parenting court orders could be introduced, as it is evident that good parenting is not an optional extra.

'I believe very strongly that all parents should know where their children are at night, all parents should be ensuring their children go to school every day,' Mr Latham said.

Parenting orders are a good idea and they work fairly well. The NSW Children's Court already makes such orders under S73 and S78 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998. I'd be surprised if other states do not have similar provisions.

Given the flurry of spectacular media ignorance on the subject, you cannot really blame Latham for not knowing about these orders.

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