28 December 2003

Bremer contradicts Blair on mass destruction weapons in Iraq

The US civil adminstrator for Iraq has denied the existence of laboratories in Iraq making weapons of mass destruction for which British Prime Minister Tony Blair says US-led teams have massive evidence.

But in a pre-taped interview scheduled for transmission on Sunday, Paul Bremer retreated when he learned that it was Blair who had made the claim.

Asked about the claim without being told first of the source, Bremer said: 'I don't know where those words come from but that is not what (Iraq Survey Group chief) David Kay has said.'

The US-led Iraq Survey Group is hunting for weapons of mass destruction.

'I have read (Kay's) reports so I don't know who said that,' Bremer said in an interview on the British ITV1 channel with Jonathan Dimbleby.

'It sounds like a bit of a red herring to me,' the American continued. 'It sounds like someone who doesn't agree with the policy sets up a red herring then knocks it down.'

But Bremer retreated when told the claims were made by none other than President George W. Bush's staunchest ally Blair.

'There is actually a lot of evidence that had been made public,' he said.

Amazing. Apparently the massive laboratories network is a red herring and is supported by a lot of evidence.

The real herring, for which there is an amazing amount of evidence, is the continuing inflation and fabrication of the WMD claims.

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