27 November 2003

In Canberra, no one can hear you scream

Could the nation's capital become a future shock metropolis to rival those of Blade Runner and The Matrix? Mark Juddery talks to a film-maker with a sci-fi eye on Canberra.

The year: 2100. Global flooding has left Sydney and Melbourne underwater, and their populations have rushed to Canberra. The national capital is in danger of collapsing under its own weight, its corporate-ruled government, or the harsh global weather, from which it is protected by geodesic domes.

According to Dean Toovey, the scenario is not just science fiction. He is completing Silicon Spies, a $25,000 short film about two 'info-spies' (played by Canberra actors Nell Shipley and Susanne Cosgrove). Using advice from futurists and academics, he has forsaken flying saucers and robots, aiming for a realistic and action-packed future glimpse.

Some SF dystopias are just too horrible to contemplate.

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