23 November 2003

A Call for the Complete Elimination of Joke Haiku Production on the Internet

I refer, of course, to the joke haiku.

Like a hideous genetic mutation in a 1950s-era grade-B science fiction film, these seventeen-syllable poems have been borrowed from classical Japanese culture by well-meaning would-be humorists and distorted so completely from their original intended use that they threaten to permanently warp our capacity for humorous expression, if they are not stopped.

I therefore make this proposal to you, my fellow Internet enthusiasts: that as of right now, we agree to completely eliminate the production and propagation of joke haiku on the Internet. Don't write them, don't forward them to your friends, don't even acknowledge their existence. Only through concerted effort can we stamp out this menace completely.

I list my reasons for this drastic step below.

A while ago I blogged on the evils of writing alleged haiku that lack both kigo and a kireji.

Help. however, is at hand. You can write senryu instead.

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