21 November 2003

...entire nation of Australia founded on sodomy

The transportation of convicts to Australia was eventually ended in large part because of the loud and bitter complaints from clerics and respectable Australians -- there were some, apparently -- about how widespread the sin of sodomy was among prisoners and how this was lowering the tone of the continent. Perhaps because of an Australian guilty conscience, or ancestral sore arse, today it is a well-known Australian-born media magnate who is most keen to use the 'Carry On up the Valet' scandal to ridicule the British in general and bring down the monarchy in particular by lashing them in his newspapers around the world. The New York Post recently ran the puerile headline 'PRINCESS CHARLES.' I'd like to see him tell those Outback sheep shearers there's something essentially effeminate about a spot of situational sodomy.

Well it's one theory...

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