20 November 2003

Dux of the school but he can't stay

Despite his astounding academic success, Yazdan may not be allowed to study at an Australian university.

Underdale Year 12 coordinator Peter Briggs said that Yazdan � who would like to study dentistry or engineering � would be forced to pay $70,000 if he applied for a course as an international student.

'We were told by TAFE and all the universities that they can't do anything about it because you can't allocate any HECS places for visa students,' Mr Briggs said.

'The Government always talks about how we've got a shortage of skilled young people and the population is ageing.

'But even when you get someone like Yazdan, who has been really successful, the Government just isn't interested.

' He's a wonderful role model for our community so why shouldn't we take him?'

A spokeswoman for the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs would not comment on Yazdan's case.

However, she said if a visa holder chose to access further education 'they are free to do so on the same basis as any other non-permanent resident'.

This is what temporary protection for refugees actually does and what it is designed to do � try and cut down the number of asylum seekers by imposing a daily regime of misery and exclusion.

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