14 October 2003

Blair under fire over Kelly death

'Sir Kevin has said the key decision on the naming strategy 'was taken at the meeting in Number 10'. That meeting was chaired by the prime minister. The prime minister's denials are now shown to be a sham,' Michael Ancram, the Conservative's foreign secretary said.
Blair, when he gave evidence to the inquiry in August, said he was at the July 8 meeting and took full responsibility for the strategy agreed at it.

But a month earlier, during a trip to the Far East, days after Kelly's suicide, he denied authorizing Kelly's name to be made public.

Tebbit is one of many witnesses making their second appearance before the Hutton Inquiry after being recalled. He is the final witness in Hutton's inquiry.

The questioning comes despite lawyers for the various parties having already given their closing comments. Tebbit's interview was delayed from last month to allow the top defense official to receive medical treatment for an eye ailment.

Lord Hutton is expected to deliver his report on the inquiry by December.

That is one report I look forward to reading.

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