16 October 2003

BBspot - Open Source Community Developing Their Own Viruses

Heading the development of the OVP is Jukka Koskelin. He explained, 'We took a look at the virus marketspace and realized that Microsoft has over a 95% share of all viruses developed. I don't think the Linux community can be taken seriously if we don't increase our share in that area.'

'The viruses we're developing will work cross-platform unlike Microsoft viruses which only work on Windows systems. There are ports to Linux, *BSD, Solaris, and yes, even Windows. We should have a Mac port in a couple of months,' Koskelin continued.

The OVP currently has two viruses in beta: 'eyespy' and 'GPLdaemon.' Eyespy installs a spyware checking program, and notifies OVP, so they can inform the user that they're being spied on. GPLdaemon uses spare CPU cycles to check every file on an infected users hard drive bit-by-bit to see if it contains any software that violates the GPL.

I was infected with this meme at John Quiggin

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