21 September 2003

Police to question Downer over Iraq leak - www.smh.com.au

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and his staff face police questioning into their role in the leaking of a top-secret report on Iraq prepared by Office of National Assessments (ONA) defector Andrew Wilkie.

Federal police have launched an investigation into how Mr Wilkie's analysis became the basis of an article by journalist Andrew Bolt nearly three months ago.

Attorney-General Daryl Williams last week confirmed the seriousness of the matter when he told Parliament that if there was 'a leak of a document relating to national security, it is required to be referred to ASIO'.

ASIO had considered the matter so serious it recommended to ONA that it refer the matter to the Australian Federal Police.

Police confirmed yesterday that the investigation was under way.

I have no idea where the investigation will go, but it's going to be extremely interesting.

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