25 September 2003

The hunt for weapons of mass destruction yields - nothing

An intensive six-month search of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction has failed to find a single trace of an illegal arsenal, according to accounts of a report circulated in Washington and London.

A draft of the report, compiled by the CIA-led 1,400-strong Iraq Survey Group (ISG), has been sent to the White House, the Pentagon and Downing Street, a US intelligence source said, and will contain no evidence of Iraqi stockpiles of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

'It demonstrates that the main judgments of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in October 2002, that Saddam had hundreds of tonnes of chemical and biological agents ready, are false,' said the source.

The Security Council was right. The peace movement was right. Howard, Bush and Blair were wrong. The legal case for the Iraq war was built on sand. Australia has fought an unlawful and unjust war. Before the war all three leaders disavowed liberation as a war aim.

Naturally, no-one told the prime minister.

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