18 September 2003

New candid cameras to put the heat on terrorists

Terrorists trying to sabotage the Sydney Harbour Bridge under cover of darkness could be foiled by new state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras that can see in the dark.

The Premier, Bob Carr, and the Roads Minister, Carl Scully, yesterday gave a sneak preview of the devices which, unlike conventional heat-detecting cameras, can display the full shape of people and trace their movements.

Eighteen of the British-made cameras will be fitted to the Harbour Bridge and another eight to the Anzac Bridge, at a cost of $3 million. Mr Carr said both bridges were potential terrorist targets.

I guess it has to happen but it's sad. Climbing the bridge after dark and outside the law is such a rite of passage here that North Sydney Local Court used to hold a special session for bridge climbers every Monday.

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