16 September 2003

Legal dope 'disgusting'

First patients to use federally approved marijuana give it scathing reviews

OTTAWA --�Some of the first patients to smoke Health Canada's government-approved marijuana say it's 'disgusting' and want their money back.

'It's totally unsuitable for human consumption,' said Jim Wakeford, 58, an AIDS patient in B.C.

'It gave me a slight buzziness for about three to five minutes, and that was it. I got no other effect from it.'

Barrie Dalley, a 52-year-old Toronto man who uses marijuana to combat the nausea associated with AIDS, said the Health Canada dope actually made him sick to his stomach.

'I threw up,' Dalley said yesterday.

'It made me nauseous because I had to use so much of it. It was so weak that I really threw up.'

Both men are returning their 30-gram bags, and Dalley is demanding his money back - $150 plus taxes.

Wakeford said he is returning his unpaid bill for two of the bags with a letter of complaint.

At first sight, this report looked an obvious case for the urgent and pressing need for some things to outsourced, but then I learnt the Canadian government has outsourced it to a private contractor for CA$7.5 million (Au8.28 million). Clearly some activities should be handled by public enterprise.

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