4 September 2003

The Fat - Slammin' Sam:
Don't get me wrong, sex should be fun, as long as you get a result. If you're gay, old, infertile or ugly, you're a drain on society and should be spayed, eunuch style, and spend your life serving those more equipped to ensure our future.

If Tasmanian Tiger's took more interest in their survival and less in designer clothes and dance music, they would still be around today. But they ponced themselves to extinction when they had every chance to become the dominant life form on the Apple Isle - if Reggie is any indication it wouldn't take much.

Survival of the Species is paramount and its time we did it for our country so that we can put our own species at twenty metre intervals around the coastline to take pot shots at boat people.

Decent heterosexual people, like myself and Shane Warne, with huge procreation prowess should be venerated. We should be presented with young, ripe mother stock and let loose.

I'm ready to root for Australia, it's the only decent thing to do.

You Know It Makes Sense.

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