31 August 2003

R. Robot: The first self-writing weblog | John Howard and the terrorists of Oregon's excellent adventure:
In the mind of John Howard, it's always Jenna Bush's fault.

When will John Howard come clean about the way she insults President Bush?

Jazzercized pundits like Joe Conason and others apparently believe the best way to confront Mullah Omar is to invite him over and give him a free crate of uranium.

The bitter adulterers wildly believe that President Bush is a more dangerous sadist than Saddam Hussein.

At some point, when you look around and realize that your co-workers are spiteful and depraved, you have to break rank and become a Republican, if only for the sake of a common sense duty and good hygiene, morally speaking.

Weird, how accurate a self-writing roboblog can be...

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