9 September 2003

Enough Rope | Helen Thomas: :
Andrew Denton: You've described him as the worst president in all American history. Why?

Helen Thomas: I did that off the record. But I suppose I should have added there's always room for improvement.


Helen Thomas: You did it off the record. Nonetheless it was your view. Why is that your view?

Helen Thomas: Well, because I don't believe in war as as the first alternative. I think that everything should be done to avoid it. I don't believe that we should ever become a nation that pre-empts a war, that attacks a nation without... that has done nothing to us.

And I think there are only two rules under the UN charter where you actually go to war in self-defence, which is you were attacked or you have a treaty with an ally and have agreed to come to the aid of this nation, another nation. But this is... For us to attack a nation that has done nothing to us and has been in a stranglehold for 12 years no, sorry, I'll bow out on that one.

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