11 September 2003

C 9/11: A Nation In A Time Of Schlock

1.) They repeat the bogus Air Force One threat from 9/11.

2.) Bush immediately starts spouting off the warboy rhetoric. And has done so at least four times.

3.) There's a vignette at the beginning where Don Rumsfeld is talking to a group of generals and congressmen about the threat of terrorism, pre-9/11. A meeting which appears to be totally fabricated.

4.) Fox News, so far, has been the news network of choice on all the televisions.

5.) People can't have an AWOL president!!

6.) David Frum's kids were in Jewish day school! IDENTITY POLITICS!

7.) Bush is just so brave! He's telling everyone what-for!

8.) Way too much Brit Hume.

9.) I keep expecting Condoleeza to secretly be plotting against the President in order to set off 9/11. Sort of a tone-deaf casting choice, if you ask me.

10.) When did George W. Bush get bass in his voice?

11.) 'The bigger the enemy, the greater the victory if they can keep me here and not there!' Yeah, because the point of 9/11 was to keep the President out of D.C., you idiot.

12.) Dick Cheney is the most sniveling little bitch I've ever seen. 'Please take the safe route...'

13.) Ooh...they just made a 'draining the swamp' reference.

14.) This is just a really bad, really long episode of 24 with an even more unrealistic President than a black man from California.

15.) Tinhorn terrorists? 'CALL ME COMMANDER IN CHIEF!' What a ballsy fucker.

16.) God, God, God.

I don't think Pandagon enjoyed the George Bush on 11 September movie very much. There's more and it's all worth reading.

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