25 May 2003

Hollingworth steps down
It is with deep regret and after much thought that I have today advised the Prime Minister that I wish to resign from the office of Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

I have asked him to put the necessary arrangements in place to advise Her Majesty the Queen.

Despite the misplaced and unwarranted allegations made against me as governor-general, it is clear that continuing public controversy has the potential to undermine and diminish my capacity to uphold the importance, dignity and integrity of this high office that I have been privileged and proud to occupy.

I cannot allow that to occur.

I have asked the prime minister to call on me tomorrow so that we might discuss transitional arrangements.

I propose to make a more detailed statement to the Australian people later this week.

This model is broken. The Hollingworth appointment has been a disaster. Time for the prime minister to consider whether he can trust himself to do better the second time around. Perhaps appointing the head of state on the decision of the prime minister acting alone needs to be reviewed.

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