23 November 2007

the jellies that ate Bondi

Well, not quite or at least not yet. Before Southerly Buster stopped blowing for a while, I posted about the exciting saga of the giant jellyfish, a product of ocean acidification, invading Japanese waters Well, according to Shifting Baselines, a swarm of jellyfish, dense pack of about 26 square kilometres and 11 metres deep, yesterday attacked a salmon farm in Northern Ireland and ate US$2 million worth of salmon.

Ocean acidification, driven by global warming and chemical pollution, including agricultural runoffs is having serious effects much closer to home than Northern Ireland. So hum the theme from Jaws next time you surf. But think jellies, not jaws.


Col said...

Great jumping Jellyfish, Al! Is this a joke or not? Does this mean that packs of the squidgy, wobbly, tentacled fiends will guzzle down innocent swimmers on our esteemed Queensland beaches this Summer? Should we add jellyfish nets to our shark nets? Can the Pacific Solution be used to pack the gelid horde off to detention centres?

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