31 January 2007

Cheney in Oz

from the Man of Steel's website
I am pleased to announce that the Vice President of the United States of America, The Honorable Richard B. Cheney, will visit Australia from 22 to 27 February.

The Australia-US alliance is of enduring importance to both countries and makes a significant contribution to international security. Australia and the United States continue to work together toward our common goals. We are cooperating closely to fight terrorism, address global environmental challenges and enhance energy security, prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and promote an open international economic order. Vice President Cheney’s visit will be an important opportunity to reinforce the strong bilateral relationship between the United States and Australia and to consult on major international issues such as regional security challenges, Afghanistan, Iraq and the war against terrorism.

Vice President Cheney is no stranger to Australia. He visited previously when he was US Secretary of Defense and several times in a private business capacity.

Perhaps the prime minister and the vice-president can discuss:

  • how the Iraq insurgency is in its last throes
  • how the multinational force is having enormous success in Iraq
  • when David Hicks will finally be charged with something and whether the penalty for the charges, if they ever happen, will include 5 years plus

It's just ridiculous for the prime minister to announce this as if Iraq were the cakewalk he was told it would be, although Cheney's desire to get away for a few days is understandable.

PS oddly enough, this press release from the Prime Minister of Australia is spelt as if it had been written by an American ('honorable', 'defense'). The words were spelt 'honourable' and 'defence' on 23 January. Maybe the world changed on 26 January.

If the commenters at the conservative Wall Street Journal's blog feel like this, what is the rest of the country saying?


Lord Sedgwick said...

We've always been a sucker for nostalgia. (Well, like it or not folks and people under 30, we 1946ers are nostalgia.)

Maybe we could have a rerun of the 60s (Yes folks I was there AND contrary to popular wisdom, I can remember them!)
with John effusively welcoming Dick (motorcade down Flemington Rd. with Rufus Youngblood optional).

Soon thereafter John dons a scuba suit and wanders off for a quick paddle at Cheviot Beach.

(We can only dream ... after all that's all that's left for us misguided and epiphytic burdens on the community, baby boomers.)

Alan said...

Your Excellency

I think it would be much better if the official party went quail shooting. As he eyes the vice-presidential blunderbuss nervously the prime minister can declare to the media, in a loud firm voice"

'This expedition is about trust!'