10 April 2005

Red faces would be a lot better than tight lips

Beazley tight-lipped on McGuire approach
Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has refused to comment on claims that Labor has approached some high profile media and sporting personalities to help it win the next election.

Several media outlets are reporting that Labor has asked the president of the Collingwood Football Club, Eddie McGuire, to stand at the next election.

Labor officials are also reported to have approached AFL boss Andrew Demetriou, Brisbane Lions coach Leigh Matthews and Essendon's Kevin Sheedy.

The last political movement to place Eddie McGuire in a prominent position was the Australian Republican Movement. They went on to well-deserved defeat in the 1999 republic referendum. It's bad enough that Labor may be chasing celebrities instead of persuasive policies. But Eddie McGuire? Really...

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