30 September 2004

In God we do not put our votes

Unlike in the U.S., Australia does not truly have a Catholic vote, or Jewish vote, or Hispanic vote, etc.

Mr Howard has frequently addressed Islamic and other groups and celebrated the multi-faith society we live in.

'The question of whether this is a Christian country or not is really a matter for individual viewpoints,' he said in 2001.

The Rev Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party has a different view.

'In this federal election it is absolutely vital for Christians to vote for Christian candidates and for the Christian party,' it says.

Mr Nile's group argues that while the Liberal and Labor parties were founded by people with Christian values, the religious influence has waned.

Family First Party is supported by the Assemblies of God but claims it isnt a Christian party, which is why Mr Nile reckons it doesnt deserve a Christians vote.

The biggest enemy, according to Mr Niles group, are the Greens, which Mr Nile describes as 'the most pagan party ever to be formed in Australia'.

The Greens, by the way, have religious freedom as one of their policies.

Frightening. I agree with Fred Nile about Family First...


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