14 August 2004

Do pigs fly? Never mind

Once upon a time, Cowboy George bragged about the 80 COWs (Coalition of the Willing) in his ranch. He and his Halliburton pals were whooping it up so much they didn't notice that a lot of COWs were jumping over the fence and going home. Last week, he counted his COWs and discovered he had only 32 left. Bush realized his Iraqi barbecue would end if all the COWs went home so he decided to try a new way to herd them back into his corral.

Everybody knows that pigs don't fly, so what would attract more curiosity than pigs sitting on a fence?

Iraqi sovereignty is one such pig on a fence. A recent cartoon describes it best. The cartoon shows two men talking on the phone. One man says, 'What the heck? They transferred sovereignty two days early? Now I have to cancel my Iraqi Sovereignty party!'

The man on the other end of the line asks, 'What happens at an Iraqi Sovereignty party?'

The first man replies, 'You tell your guests they're in charge, but they can't drink without your permission.'

Nevertheless, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) gave wings to the pig. According to our Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), 'The U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 1546 last month that restored Iraqi sovereignty, pledged international assistance to the Iraqi reconstruction, and delineated the role of the U.S.-led multinational force in keeping the peace in the embattled country.'

Then, I guess, you go to Najaf and explain that some pigs are more equal than others.

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