4 June 2004

Poll predicts huge loss for Indonesia's President Megawati

Our Indonesia correspondent, Tim Palmer, reports the poll, conducted by the Japanese LSI agency across Indonesia, suggests the momentum behind Mr Yudhoyono, known as SBY, continues to grow.

The poll gives Mr Yudhoyono 49.8 per cent of the vote - close to the simple majority needed to sweep the election at the first round.

President Megawati trails by more than 30 per cent and now appears locked in a battle for second place with former general, Wiranto, of the Golkar party.

The poll shows both have about 14 per cent of the vote.

As of today there's one month to the first round voting. The trend to Yudhoyono is beginning to look unstoppable. On these figures Wiranto has gained only 4 points in the last week, while Yudhoyono has gained 8. Mega appears to be history.

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