9 May 2004

the judicial activist in the closet

Some stories just have to blogged. According to Richard Ackland Australia's premier judicial activist, His Eminence David Flint likes doing it in the dark:

One story doing the rounds is of him conducting a hearing in Bathurst, NSW, to do with a licence. The only available place that could suitably be used as a quasi-judicial venue was a space in one of the local motels. Flint wanted just the right touch of authority and, like a judge, to emerge into the hearing room from behind a door after three knocks, bow and take his seat at a bench at the front of the room. Unfortunately, the only door from which he could enter with the appropriate flourish was the door of a small cupboard and so it was that he stayed in the cupboard until the moment to emerge in all his splendour arrived.

There are just too many puns available. Nothing I can say could possibly make this any funnier.

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