22 April 2004

Book reveals Howard's early commitment to overthrow of Saddam

As far back as September 2002, John Howard assured George Bush he would support him in his efforts to remove Saddam Hussein, but told him they needed to get a UN Security Council resolution, Bob Woodward reports in his new book, Plan of Attack.

'I'm with you. We need a resolution,' the Prime Minister said to the President, according to an interview Bush gave Woodward. At the time, the British leader, Tony Blair, had committed sending troops to Iraq and gave him the same assurance - 'I'm with you'.

But Howard, Blair and Spain's then prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, all wanted Bush to obtain a resolution from the UN authorising the war.

Well. We all suspected that the invention of pre-deployment was a way of covering a decision that had already been made. This also means the Howard has misled parliament on a number of occasions but no doubt we'll see a little Newspeak to dismiss this problem.

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