2 March 2004

USFTA | Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Legal scrubbing of the AUSFTA text is continuing. The full text of the Agreement will appear on this website as soon as it is available. We apologise for any inconvenience.

I emailed Foreign Affairs last week and asked why the delay. In their answer they say:

This is in fact record time for a treaty. Normally Australia doesnt release the text of treaties until after they have been signed. This one cant be signed until May at the earliest. Not everything that was agreed in negotiations was written down in final form. There are 1000-odd pages of text that have to be edited and doublechecked as to whether there is agreement on the language. So a special effort has gone into getting this process done in 3 weeks when it normally might take a couple of months. The text will be subject to final editing and polishing before it can be signed.

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