27 March 2004

Polish PM under pressure to quit

High unemployment, a malfunctioning health care system and a string of high profile corruption scandals are seen as the main causes of his unpopularity.

Budget cuts introduced ahead of the country's EU membership, aimed at bringing its economy into line with EU requirements, have contributed to the problems.

Mr Miller, who stepped down as the leader of his party last month, made it clear that he would like to stay on until after Poland joins the EU on 1 May.

But his announcement that he would hold a joint news conference with President Aleksander Kwasniewski on Friday evening renewed speculation he might be about to resign.

His resignation could trigger early parliamentary elections.

However, analysts say the government could probably muster enough votes in parliament to avoid this.

The war is not mentioned as an issue, but you have to wonder what effect an early parliamentary election in Poland might have on the coalition of the wilting. Are we to look forward to the Foreign Minister of Kleenex delivering a new encomium titled 'The things that shatter'?

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