10 March 2004

Bush hounds Kerry over free trade

Mr Bush's attack on Mr Kerry came during a Commerce Department awards ceremony in Arlington.

'As our economy moves forward and new jobs are added, some are questioning whether American companies and American workers are up to the challenge of foreign competition,' he said.

'There are economic isolationists in our country who believe we should separate ourselves from the rest of the world by raising up barriers and closing off markets. They're wrong.'

Except on Australian sugar, beef, dairy, 33 horticultural products subject to snapback measures, PBS drugs, Canadian drugs, Central American sugar, European and Chinese steel and anything else competing with anything produced in a state Bush might carry in November.


My eager commenters and a little research have added:

  • Pakistani textiles
  • Canadian lumber
  • Brazilian sugar
  • Brazilian steel
  • Brazilian orange juice
  • Chinese bras

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