19 February 2004

Our Present Political Mess

Of course I understand the desire to not repeat the error of 2000 that leads to this - but look at what this thinking does: it guarantees that the media gets to choose the candidate of the Democrats. Why? Because you personally are an expert on which candidate actually corresponds to your own ideas, so if you vote on the basis of who represents your own thinking best you might vote for a Dean, a Kuninich, a Sharpton, an Edwards, or a Kerry or a Clark because they hold your ideals and articulate them in a way that appeals to you. But if you vote on the basis of 'who can win?' you have to depend on the media, because only they can tell you what the people elsewhere with whom you have no direct contact are actually thinking and going to do. So, you give them all the power.

I'll have to think about this a little, but on first reading it looks persuasive.

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